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Brand / Story / Values

Welcome to Loriini, we are a dedicated furniture developer, driven by a profound passion for precision and luxury, crafting only the most exquisite furniture pieces. Although we officially entered the Spanish market in early 2023, the brand boasts a remarkable 30-year legacy of experience, meticulously acquired in the Polish market. Through an unwavering commitment to perfection, relentless hard work, and a wealth of knowledge gained over the years, our company has evolved from a modest artisanal workshop into a prominent player in the European market, specialising in garden furniture and accessories. With decades of honing our craft, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of solutions to enhance both your home and garden.

At Loriini, our guiding principles for management are firmly rooted in values such as honesty, integrity, and profound respect for others. Above all, we prioritise the quality of our products, dedicating our utmost efforts to ensure that our furniture is not only functional but also exquisitely beautiful and built to endure. Loriini is your steadfast partner in delivering all-encompassing solutions to create a truly exclusive interior for your home and garden.

Our Furniture

All garden furniture in our collections is made of Robinia wood, which is characterised by exceptional resistance to changing weather conditions. The beautiful and warm colour of acacia perfectly harmonises with the garden scenery, full of greenery. Our furniture brings an original and warm atmosphere to any garden.

Piano black or arctic white. Juicy red or electric blue. There is something for everyone in our colour palette. We offer fabrics in both muted and vivid colours. We also offer a variety of materials: from fine, natural cotton through the latest developments in textile technology.

A We use FSC® environment certification

Our furniture is destined to become an indispensable element of any living room, terrace, or garden. Our spacious and comfortable seating options infuse a sense of grandeur and elegance into any setting, while their sturdy construction transforms your spaces into luxurious retreats that simultaneously promote relaxation and tranquillity.

Each of our collections stands out for its captivating and refined aesthetics. They exude softness and a keen sense of style, all while offering practical functionality and exceptional comfort. 

In addition to these qualities, we remain committed to designing with affordability and durability in mind. Our goal is to produce enduring furniture that is not only easy to maintain but also reasonably priced, ensuring that your investment lasts for years to come.

All our furniture is FSC® certified - We consider the environment first and foremost

The fundamental raw material for our furniture is acacia Robinia wood, meticulously harvested and processed in strict adherence to the standards and principles of FSC® Responsible Forest Management. In our strong commitment to environmental responsibility, we have taken steps to ensure that every single one of our products proudly bears the FSC® certification, actively promoting sustainable and renewable forest management practices on a global scale.

When choosing our products, you are championing comprehensive environmental initiatives that combat illicit forest practices, which have detrimental effects on biodiversity in forest ecosystems worldwide. Your choice to invest in FSC®-certified products is an endorsement of conscientious forest stewardship. It is an assurance that your purchases are not contributing to the depletion of the world's forests and that you are not endorsing companies that violate human rights.